A Game for the Winter Holidays!!!!

The winter holidays are finally coming. What are you planning to do to enjoy yourselves? I'm sure you have lots of plans. Surfing the internet I have come across a very entertaining game: The Big Escape, in which you have to find proof that Dr Know It All is a fake. Here you have the link http://www.tvokids.com/framesets/play.html?game=175 Why don't you give it a try? Leave us a comment in which you can tell us if you liked the game and what you are doing on your holidays. Enjoy your well-deserved winter holidays! See you in a week!


English04 said...

During the winter holidays I'm planning to sleep and relax and I'm planning to go to my friend's birthday party. Happy winter holidays!

ezequielbuda said...

what is this gameeee??

good luck whit the blog ;)

Challenge said...

Thank you Eze. What are your plans for the holidays? See you in two weeks time.

Rodrigo said...

I have just played the game and it was very easy. But now im going to play Counter Strike. I think that it is only a bit funnier jajaja. well in my winter holiday I'll sleep a lot and play with the computer... ahh, and i will do all the asignments and compositions to hand in to my english teacher.

Good luck!


Challenge said...

Hi Rodri! I will be waiting for them with great happiness, though I will have to correct quite a lot of things.I promise that next time I will find a more difficult game, maybe you can recommend us some.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hello! This winter holidays, I will sleep a lot and go out with my family and friends.
I played the game but I didn´t understand!
I like the new blog and I will think that other things I can recommend you!

Happy Winter Holidays!!

Challenge said...

Hi! In the game you have to find the words to complete the phrase in the notebook by clicking on the objects you can see on the screen.I will be waiting for your ideas.

mica (upper) said...

I played the game and i agree with Rodrigo it was very easy...jaja... On my winter holidays i'm trying to spend most of my time with my friends. i'm also going to the cinema this week..

congratulations for the blog!!

Challenge said...

Hi Mica!! Ok I will try hard to find a more difficult and more entertaining game for you two. See you on Saturday.Kisses