Spellathon Winners!!!!!!

The Spellathon has already taken place at Challenge. We would like to cogratulate the winners : Nahuel, Florencia and Nahuel and all the students from Junior Level for having had such a wonderful performance. Go on working hard and thank you for having taken part in the competition.

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st. During that night children go to their neighbours' houses asking for candies. The usual phrase "Trick or treat" is heard everywhere. There are also lots of halloween festivals, bonfires and costume parties going on. And of course, horror films and ghost stories cannot be missing.
In spite of the fact that we do not generally celebrate Halloween in our country, I invite you to be surrounded by the spooky atmosphere of this celebration. You can start getting into the mood by reading a ghost story or a tale of terror that you can find in this website : Halloween Ghost Stories.
As you may know, the students from FCE course started last week a discussion in our forum on "Life After Death" (of course, everybody is welcomed to take part in the discussion). At one point, the question of whether ghosts exist or not cropped up, and some ghost stories were given as examples. For that reason, I invite you now to expand on that discussion. I would like to hear your opinion on the topic and if you want, to share with us a ghost story. Maybe, if you celebrate Halloween in your country, you can also share your experience. You can comment on this in our forum. Looking forward to hearing your stories. Happy Halloween!


How are You? I'm PINK today.

You might be wondering what the title means. Well, it is not that I have gone a bit cuckoo in the head. As you may already know, just as colours can express sounds and tastes so can they express ideas and feelings. For that reason, languages are full of the use of colours to describe moods, and the English language is not an exception. Here are some common idiomatic expressions with colours and their meanings:

1) I saw red. (I got very angry)

2) I was green with envy. (I was very jealous)

3) I was tickled pink when I heard the news. (I was really happy)

4) It came out of the blue.(It was a surprise)

5) I'm really browned-off about it. (I'm fed up, annoyed with it)

6) I was in blue funk. (I was very scared)

And now, let's make something out of all this. I would like to know how you are feeling today, and a funny way of doing this is by associating your moods with colours. If you enter this page, you are going to be able to keep a record of your moods and visualize them in beautiful colour strips. You are also going to have the possibility of writing a comment on why you have chosen that colour. To do so, follow these instructions:

1) Enter the page.

2) Login by entering the following information:

Username: challengestudents

Password: moods

3) Click on post

4) Click on the colours that reflect your moods

5) Write the feelings associated with the colours under "Describe it using words", separate them by commas and do not forget to write your name.

Ex: Sabrina: happy, green with envy

6) Press post and that's all.

To see the colour strips you and the rest have done follow this link.

Looking forward to seeing your colour strips.


Spelling Challenge!!!!

Can you realise what's wrong with this sentence? (HELP: There is a spelling mistake which creates a humorous effect) If you have spotted it, why not leave it as a comment?

The Spellathon is just around the corner, so we should start practicing NOW. As you all know, it will take place on the 22nd of October.
Last week, we practiced the alphabet so I hope that by this time, you already know your abc perfectly well. If that is so, we can devote the whole of this post to practicing spelling.
Let's start with a fun warm-up. As you can see from the picture we have here, spelling can change the meaning of a sentence completely. So don't underestimate the need of correct spelling. This picture is part of a series made by Graham Rawle appearing in some British newspapers, where a single consonant is missing from a normal sentence, creating a humorous effect. Here you will find more examples. Click the button that reads : "More of this" to see more examples. If you spot the mistakes share them with us by leaving a comment.
And here you have some games to practice your spelling before the great day comes.
Alien Scavenger Hunt: Shoot the letters to form the word you hear.
Spelling Bee: Listen to the word and write it down.
Spell Check: Which word is not spell correctly?
Hope you like them. Good luck in the spellathon!!!!


Looking forward to our SPELLATHON!

The great day has finally arrived! If you are a student from Junior, you will be able to put into practice everything you have learned as regards spelling in our Sopellathon. It will take place at end of October here at Challenge Education Language School. If you are planning to take part in it, you will have to start practising.

First of all, you should revise the alphabet and here you have some entertaining games to help you with that.

Can you help the mokey in Alphabet Antics? Listen to the sound and click on the appropriate coconut.

Or maybe you prefer to go to the undersea world. There the red lobster needs your help to find the letters.

Now, that you know your ABC perfectly well, you are ready for our next challenge!

Coming Soon: Spelling Games!!!!