How are You? I'm PINK today.

You might be wondering what the title means. Well, it is not that I have gone a bit cuckoo in the head. As you may already know, just as colours can express sounds and tastes so can they express ideas and feelings. For that reason, languages are full of the use of colours to describe moods, and the English language is not an exception. Here are some common idiomatic expressions with colours and their meanings:

1) I saw red. (I got very angry)

2) I was green with envy. (I was very jealous)

3) I was tickled pink when I heard the news. (I was really happy)

4) It came out of the blue.(It was a surprise)

5) I'm really browned-off about it. (I'm fed up, annoyed with it)

6) I was in blue funk. (I was very scared)

And now, let's make something out of all this. I would like to know how you are feeling today, and a funny way of doing this is by associating your moods with colours. If you enter this page, you are going to be able to keep a record of your moods and visualize them in beautiful colour strips. You are also going to have the possibility of writing a comment on why you have chosen that colour. To do so, follow these instructions:

1) Enter the page.

2) Login by entering the following information:

Username: challengestudents

Password: moods

3) Click on post

4) Click on the colours that reflect your moods

5) Write the feelings associated with the colours under "Describe it using words", separate them by commas and do not forget to write your name.

Ex: Sabrina: happy, green with envy

6) Press post and that's all.

To see the colour strips you and the rest have done follow this link.

Looking forward to seeing your colour strips.

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