Spelling Challenge!!!!

Can you realise what's wrong with this sentence? (HELP: There is a spelling mistake which creates a humorous effect) If you have spotted it, why not leave it as a comment?

The Spellathon is just around the corner, so we should start practicing NOW. As you all know, it will take place on the 22nd of October.
Last week, we practiced the alphabet so I hope that by this time, you already know your abc perfectly well. If that is so, we can devote the whole of this post to practicing spelling.
Let's start with a fun warm-up. As you can see from the picture we have here, spelling can change the meaning of a sentence completely. So don't underestimate the need of correct spelling. This picture is part of a series made by Graham Rawle appearing in some British newspapers, where a single consonant is missing from a normal sentence, creating a humorous effect. Here you will find more examples. Click the button that reads : "More of this" to see more examples. If you spot the mistakes share them with us by leaving a comment.
And here you have some games to practice your spelling before the great day comes.
Alien Scavenger Hunt: Shoot the letters to form the word you hear.
Spelling Bee: Listen to the word and write it down.
Spell Check: Which word is not spell correctly?
Hope you like them. Good luck in the spellathon!!!!

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