Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st. During that night children go to their neighbours' houses asking for candies. The usual phrase "Trick or treat" is heard everywhere. There are also lots of halloween festivals, bonfires and costume parties going on. And of course, horror films and ghost stories cannot be missing.
In spite of the fact that we do not generally celebrate Halloween in our country, I invite you to be surrounded by the spooky atmosphere of this celebration. You can start getting into the mood by reading a ghost story or a tale of terror that you can find in this website : Halloween Ghost Stories.
As you may know, the students from FCE course started last week a discussion in our forum on "Life After Death" (of course, everybody is welcomed to take part in the discussion). At one point, the question of whether ghosts exist or not cropped up, and some ghost stories were given as examples. For that reason, I invite you now to expand on that discussion. I would like to hear your opinion on the topic and if you want, to share with us a ghost story. Maybe, if you celebrate Halloween in your country, you can also share your experience. You can comment on this in our forum. Looking forward to hearing your stories. Happy Halloween!

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