Looking forward to our SPELLATHON!

The great day has finally arrived! If you are a student from Junior, you will be able to put into practice everything you have learned as regards spelling in our Sopellathon. It will take place at end of October here at Challenge Education Language School. If you are planning to take part in it, you will have to start practising.

First of all, you should revise the alphabet and here you have some entertaining games to help you with that.

Can you help the mokey in Alphabet Antics? Listen to the sound and click on the appropriate coconut.

Or maybe you prefer to go to the undersea world. There the red lobster needs your help to find the letters.

Now, that you know your ABC perfectly well, you are ready for our next challenge!

Coming Soon: Spelling Games!!!!


Nahuel said...

Hi, I am Nahuel.
I like spelling games but i don t like alphabet antics and the red lobster

Challenge said...

Hi Nahuel! I'm sorry you didn't like them but maybe you can help us to improve our post. Next week we are planning to make a new post on spelling why don't you share with us the spelling games you like so that we can all enjoy them too.
Looking forward to your help
Kind regards