Mind Mapping

The web 2.0 offers many free mind mapping tools that are really very useful for:

* Organizing Ideas
* Summarizing information;
* Taking Notes;
* Consolidating information from different research sources;
* Thinking through complex problems;
* Presenting information;
* Storing and recalling information.

Tone Buzan believes mind mapping techniques are a powerful thinking tool and in the video he explains why.

We have been using mind mapping tools with students to summarize different texts and increase and consolidate contextualized vocabulary.
In this opportunity we decided to use Bubbl.us as it proved to be a very easy tool to use and it helped students experienced collaborative online editing.
"Mapping provides a learning framework in which all the areas of language skill, speaking, listening, reading and writing, can be used in meaningful ways." Robert Fisher.

Reference: Robert Fisher, Teaching Children to Learn, Nelson Thornes Ltd 1995

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