20Q !!!!

20Q machine
20Q machine,
orginalmente cargado por BigRedBall.

Are you still wondering what this little thing is?.... According to wikipedia "...The game 20Q is a handheld device based on the parlor game twenty questions. The handheld will ask you to think of anything you like and will then try to guess what you're thinking with twenty yes or no questions..."
If you want to learn more about this game here you've got a conversation between a British girl and an American boy that will answer all your questions. You can listen to it on-line or download it to your computer. If you want to give the game a try you can enter the 20 q official website (you are obviously supposed to choose the "Think in American" or "Think in British" game)

And now I pose you a challenge: why don't YOU guess what I'm thinking about at the moment? Let's see who is the first one to guess it. Here are the clues:

1) It is neither a vegetable nor an animal. It is not a mineral either.

2) You sometimes hold it when you use it.

3)You can use it at any time (during the day or night)

4)It is hard.

5) Sometimes when you buy it, it comes in a box.

6) Cats don't chase it.

7) It is not made out of wood.

8)It displays information.

9) It can play music.

10) Sometimes it is used to calculate.

11) It can not fit in an envelope.

12) You need electricity to use it.

13) It is sometimes used for communication.

14) It is not used to record an event

15) It sometimes tells the time

16) It probably involves contact with other humans.

17) It is heavy.

18) It is made up of different parts

Haven't you guessed it yet??? It's very easy. Think carefully and when you have the answer leave us a comment. Next week I will tell you the correct answer and who the winners are. When you guess it you can also prepare a new challenge for us all to go on guessing.


Anonymous said...

I played the game and the computer guessed what I thought. The answer is a TV?

Anonymous said...

hello change.I thank a computer

luciana said...

Hello change
I thanka computer
god bay

Aylen said...

Hello I´m Aylen.
I played the game,Is it a computer?

lucas said...

Hello i´m Lucas.
Is it a tv?

Anonymous said...

Is it a radio?

Anonymous said...

Heello Challenge!I'm Julieta and I play the game.It's very hard!.Is it a radio?

Anonymous said...

I'm Julieta. Is it a radio?

Florencia said...

Hello Challenge I`m Florencia It`s very great.
I like it It`s very funny for me.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's a computer. bye!!!!!!!!

Challenge said...

I will tell you the answer on Friday!!!! So go on participating. This is your last chance!!!!!