Game of the Week!!!!

And finally here you've got the game of the week. As Mica and Rodri have found the previous game extremely easy here you've got a more difficult game.It's called trapped. You will find the instructions for the game on the website ( you have to scroll down the page). If you get stuck, click on the right corner on the game to go to the walkthrough. There you will find clear instructions on what to do next or go to http://www.armorgames.com/tutorials/trapped-tutorial.html Let us know what you think about it. You can leave us a comment and give us your opinion. In that way we can go on improving.


James said...

I have a fun little game to play called Who Wants To Be A Millionaire based on the popular TV Show. Have a go, its just for fun...

(No registration needed, you just need to have Flash installed.)

Challenge said...

James, Thank you very much for sharing your game with us. I have had a look at your page and found it really useful.