Happy Christmas!

Unfortunately, this is our last post. The end of the year is already here. Most probably you are all very busy studying for your final exams and also making great plans for your holidays. For this reason, I won't take much of your time today. I just want to thank you all for having trusted me in this project, and for all your comments and collaboration. To start getting in the Christmas mood, here you have a very famous Christmas song that I would like to share with you.

Christmas is not only about giving presents, eating and having fun. The end of the year is a good time to calm down, relax and reflect on the things that we would like to change in our lives and in the world too.Why not? For this purpose, I would like to introduce you to a poet I really like: Benjamin Zephaniah. As he is better at putting words together than I am, he is going to introduce himself.
"My full name is Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah which is Christian, Jewish and Muslim. I was born in the district of Handsworth in Birmingham. My poetry is strongly influenced by the music and poetry of Jamaica and I can't remember a time when I was not creating poetry. This had nothing to do with school where poetry meant very little to me, infact I had finished full time education at the age of 13."
"I try to write poems that are fun but they should also have a serious message." If you want to know more about him go to his official website. You can have a taste of his poetry by reading this poem I have selected.
Christmas Wise
All I want fe Christmas is world peace
I don't want loads of food dat I really can't eat
All I want fe Christmas is a long holiday
An a house in Jamaica where I can stay.
I don't want kisses under mistletoe from
Sloppy people I don't know,
I won't be putting out nu stocking cos
I don't wear de tings,
I won't be cutting down nu Christmas trees.
I like dem living.

All I want fe Christmas is dis planet for ever
Fully complete wid its ozone layer
All I want fe Christmas is friends and...
No more records from Status Quo,
I don't want a white Christmas and
I bet We'll get nu more of dem cos of de Greenhouse effect,
An I reckon at Christmas we create too much waste
Maybe a green Christmas is more to my taste.
All I want fe Christmas is sum honesty
About de wisdom of Christmas
An how it should be
All I want fe Christmas is clean air,
But I reckon I won't get none
An I don't think dat's fair.

I hope you liked it. Thanks for all. Happy Holidays, Christmas and New year! See you next year.

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