Did you like our blog?

The end of the year is coming and it is time to relax a bit and evaluate what we have done during this year. It has been a wonderful year, in which we have done lots of new things: we have started our blog, we have participated in our forum and we have worked a lot in class. We would like to go on learning new things and improving our classes next year.For that reason, we need your help. Answer the following survey and let us know what you liked and didn't like. Thank you!


Silvia said...

Sabrina, Yes I really like the blog and I congratulate you for having shared your passion and enthusiasm in this project.
You had great ideas to motivate and engage students. Your posts were relevant, meaningful and creative. I enjoyed reading every single post and I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely outstanding commitment.
“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keep up the good work!


Challenge said...

Thanks for your comment and your collaboration.Nothing could have been achieved without your support and your trust. I really enjoy working on this project and I have learned a lot.
Thanks for everything!