Pronunciation Workshop

First Certificate students have been attending a Pronunciation Workshop for two months.
Adriana Muñiz, a specialist in the field, gave students some pronunciation tips to help them improve their speaking skill.


"I think that the workshop that we had with Adriana was really very useful. She has taught us how to speak better and how to pronounce the words in their different uses. This was a different experience for me and I realise how important pronunciation is." Victoria

"I think that the workshop with Adriana was very useful because most of us speak with a Spanish tone, so with her help and her tips we could improve our pronunciation and also our tones. Now we are more carefull when reading and speaking and we try to do it with the best pronunciation." Anotnella

"I felt great in the workshop with Adriana. I think it helped us and we could improve our way of speaking. We learnt new words and a lot of things and now, we have a better idea of the intonation of sentences and questions." Eliana

"I think that the workshop we did with Adriana was really an interesting activity and helped us in many situations, for example, to "act" some dialogues really helped us to sound more natural when we have to express ourselves. We worked in groups all the time and it was really a good and interesting way of practising our speaking." Erica

"I felt really comfortable studying with Adriana, she is an excellent teacher. It was very useful for us to learn different tips for pronunciation and many other things we didn't know."

"For me the workshop was a really useful opportunity for us to improve our speaking because we could compare different intonations and the way we speak. She reminded me of the way British actresses speak." Juan Manuel

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