TeensVoices! A collaborative Project

We have just started a collaborative project called "teensvoices" where students from different language levels are discussing and investigating several topics, such as: friends, entertainment, tv, celebrations, sports, eating habits, etc.
Students are participating actively in the wiki we have opened for the project.

We have chosen "teens voices" as the name of our project because we think that the best way of learning about teens around the world, is listening to different voices from different people, different countries and different cultures.

We would like to share this experience with students from different parts of the world. Students from all over the world are welcomed! If you are interested in participating send us an e-mail to challengeeducation@gmail.com


dvmunca said...

We have recently joined an iEARN project called Communities Project. I think whatever you will be doing this semester can also be incorporated in that project as well: http://whsnihongo.googlepages.com/iearncommunitiesproject

abuehma said...

this is a wonderful idea! I will join!